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Автор(ы): — Батракова Наталья Владимировна

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МАОУ заведение №97 просветитель английского языка.

Регион: — Челябинская недра

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Уровни образования: — дух общее профобразование

Класс(ы): — 6 сословие
Класс(ы): — 7 сословие

Предмет(ы): — Английский урду

Целевая аудитория: — Учащийся (студент)

Тип ресурса: — дидактический материал

Краткое экспликация ресурса: —

Английские праздники.


The major holidays in Great Britain are New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Labour Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Public holidays are called Bank Holidays, because on these days banks, most of the shops and offices are closed. The Bank Holidays were appointed by the Act of Parliament in1871.

Christmas is celebrated by everyone on December 25. It is the most important festival of the year. On Christmas people usually stay with their families. On Christmas Eve children hang stockings at the end of their beds wating for Father Christmas to fill then with presents. Boxing Day, marked on December 26, is the day on which boxes of presents are given to the people who have given service duringa year.

Besides public holidays the British observe certain traditions on such days as Pancake Day, Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night, April Fool's Day, Mother's Day, which unless they fall on Sunday are working days. A typical British festival takes place on November 5. Children make "guys" to burn on bonfires and let offfireworks.

There are local festivals all through the year. Maypole, once a pagan spring festival, is celebrated at the beginning of summer with garlands and flowers, dancing and games on the village green. In autumn, people take vegetables and fruit to church for the Harvest Festival.

Once a year Lord Major of London puts on a show and rides through the streets in the golden coach.

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