Автор конспекта:
Автор(ы): — Бологова л в

Место работы, должность: — школа учитель

Регион: — Хабаровский край

Характеристики урока (занятия) Целевая аудитория: — Учащийся (студент)

Класс(ы): — Все классы

Предмет(ы): — Английский язык

Тип урока: — Урок обобщения и систематизации знаний

Учащихся в классе (аудитории): — 6

Используемые учебники и учебные пособия: —

УМК Кузовлёва

Используемое оборудование: —

Интерактивная доска

Используемые ЦОР: —

материалы из Интернета

Краткое описание: — Дан подробный план конспект урока

Урок составлен с соблюдением требований к современному уроку английского языка

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Этапы урока

Содержание деятельности

Планируемый реузльтат

Мотивационно-целевой этап.

1. Побудить к высказыванию учащихся

II. Операционный этап.

Обучать говорить в монологе и диалоге.

Развивать аудитивные способности.

Развивать креативные способности

Учить работать в микрогруппах.


Today we are going to have a final talk about health. Beforehand you were divided into 3 creative groups, which had some tasks. At our lessons we discussed

Индивидуальный опрос учащихся группы.

1. Presentation

Now look at screen, please.

Беседа с учащимися ( по 1 реплике)

You can see some sayings and proverbs. Comment on them, please.

One of your tasks was to find sayings or proverbs on topic “Health”. Show us your sheets with the proverbs and comment on them in brief

II. Role play.

Организация работы в микрогруппах.

1 group. Some people care about their health and live a healthy lifestyle.

2 group. Some people live unhealthy lifestyle.

3 group. Imagine: G.P. Malakhov and E. Proklova came to take part in our discussion.

Facts and myths about your health.

III, Выполнение упражнения на интерактивной доске,

Books, newspapers, radio, television give all kinds of information about health. Not all of it, however, is accurate information. Look at the pieces of information. What products do you think each piece of information is about?

1. Garlic helps to make your heart strong. F

2. ______protects your teeth._____

3. ______is good for your nerves______

4. _______makes your bones strong.______

5. _______is good for your muscles.______

6. _______is good for your eyes_______

7. Eating only one type of food, such as ______, helps to loose weight.______

8. Some _____ can help to loose weight without diet or exercise._______

Words to choose: garlic, grapefruit, green tea, chocolate, milk, herbs, onion, carrot, banana.

(контрольный вариант на интерактивной доске)

IV. Reading and Talking

Индивидуальное чтение текста с целью нахождения конкретной информации.

Look at screen again. Let’s read the information and talk about good and bad habits. Look at screen again. Let’s read the information and talk about good and bad habits.

V. Listening and comprehension.

Прослушивание текста с общим пониманием текста, обсуждение в микрогруппах.

I think a global problem of young people is smoking. Please, listen to a small text and say if the measures of the British Government against smoking differ from the measures of the Russian Government. (audio text)

Письменный контроль понимания текста

Now you should take sheet 1 (Приложение1) and write down your ideas about good and bad habits and then name them. Working in groups you made a portrait of an average member of each group. Tell us about this. You should listen and if somebody has some problems advise how to solve thеm.

VI. Slide show and production.

1. At this slide you can see information of Russian Association of Public Health.

2. Exercises (matching).

Работа с понятиями : физическое, душевное и социальное здоровье.

In the past being healthy meant not to be ill. Nowadays we realize that health is not only physical health. It consists of physical, mental and social health. Please, take sheet 2 (Приложение2) and try to match the definitions and the words characterizing types of health.

Now let’s look at screen and check your answers.

VII. Discussion

Now look at this diagram.

Your health depends on some factors: genes and body make up we inherit from our parents; environment surrounds us; health care system helps us to improve health. These factors depend on you and other people. The fourth factor “ Lifestyle” takes the greatest part of the circle. Why?

If you were a president or mayor of your city what would

you do to prevent children from bad habits

Составление коллажа

У1 good and bad habits,

У2 health problems and

У3 health care




Проверка д/з

Учащиеся читают пословицы с комментированием.

Учащиеся составляют микродиалоги (3-4 ф)

Учащиеся выражают своё отношение к здоровью (3-3 предложения)

-Hello, Mary! You look so slim!

-I am not going to be a supermodel but I think it is very important to be fit and healthy. Do you pay attention to your health?

-Oh, yes. I try to eat only low-fat food.

Myths-brown eggs,, eating raw gold fish, cutting out foods, eating only one type of food…

Facts-garlic prevents, apricot, green tea, onion, milk, cabbage, cranberry, carrot…

Учащиеся составляют коллаж о влиянии некоторых продуктов на к-л органы человека.

Milk-bones Cabbage-cancer

Carrot-eyes Cranberry — eyes

Green tea-teeth Apricot — Skin

9. Garlic helps to make your heart strong. F

10. __Green tea____protects your teeth.__F___

11. __Onion____is good for your nerves___F___

12. _Milk______makes your bones strong.__F____

13. _Banana______is good for your muscles._F_____

14. _______Carrot is good for your eyes___F____

15. Eating only one type of food, such as _grapefruit_____, helps to loose weight.__M____

16. Some __herbs___ can help to loose weight without diet or exercise.___F____

У1 Good health – all parts of our bodies work well

У2 Smoking

Many companies have banned smoking in their offices, canteens, on the London Underground, in cinemas, theatres and most buses. There are special smokers’ carriages on trains. An official warning is printed by law on all cigarette packets. Cigarette advertising is banned on televisijn and radio

Учащиеся берут интервыю в группах ППС и ПСС

По 1 у от каждой микрогруппы

Составление образа здорового ученика

He pays a lot of attention to his health. He tries to eat healthy food rich in vitamins. He doesn’t smoke, drink alcohol, use drug, he goes in for sport, feels and looks great.

Заполнение таблицы

на интерактивной доске

…is a condition of your body,

…is the way you feel about yourself and how you handle your problems,

…is the way you build your relationship and establish contacts with people


To put into prison for…

To sack from school for…

To take money for…

To ban… in offices, on the Underground, on buses, in TV

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