Автор конспекта:
Автор(ы): — Матвеева Ирина Георгиевна

Место работы, должность: —

МОУ "Гимназия №1", учитель английского языка

Регион: — Город Москва

Характеристика конспекта:
Уровни образования: — среднее (полное) общее образование

Класс(ы): — 6 класс
Класс(ы): — 7 класс

Предмет(ы): — Английский язык

Целевая аудитория: — Учитель (преподаватель)

Тип ресурса: — дидактический материал

Краткое описание ресурса: —

Карточки.Прилагательные.Simple и Continuous для 6 — 7 класса

  • Look at the pictures then make comparisons using the adjectives given.

  • sandals



    eg. A miner's job is more dangerous than a fireman's job.

    1) dangerous, dirty, well-paid, exciting, interesting

    2) big, soft, hard, uncomfortable, expensive

    3) economical, healthy, fast, clean, safe, spacious

    4) comfortable, warm, heavy, light, expensive

    5) fat, big, small, heavy, handsome, long, short


    1. It (often / rain) in this part of the world. 2.Take your umbrella. It (rain) cats and dogs. 3. Granny is in the kitchen. She (make) a plum-cake. 4. My wife (often / make) plum-cakes. 5. Can you phone a bit later, please? Jane (have a bath). 6. Run downstairs. Your sister (wait) for you. 7.1 don't know Spanish, but I (learn) it now. 8. John (still / work) in the garden. 9. Dad (usually / work) on Saturdays. 10.Usually I (have coffee) in the morning, but now I (drink) tea. 11. We (sometimes / go) to the cinema. 12. — What she (do)? — She is a secretary at our college. 13. Why you (sit) at my desk? Could you take your place, please? 14. We've got tickets, and tomorrow evening we (go) to the cinema. 15.-… you (do) anything tomorrow afternoon? -1 (play) tennis with my friend.

    TEST 2. Past Simple or Past Continuous?

    1. I (walk) home after the party yesterday. 2. He (drive) along the highway. 3. When I (arrive) my son (have) dinner. 4. Our team (fly) to London for football game last night. 5. Mr Grey (not/understand) what I (sing). 6. While we (work) my dog (hurt) its leg. 7. Kelly (enjoy) the evening but I (want) to go home. 8. When … it (happen)! 9. He (sit) in the garden when Tom (come). 10. When my mother (cook) the telephone (ring).11. I saw a light in your window as I (pass) by. 12. Yesterday as I was walking down Cherry Lane, I (meet) Thomas, an old friend of mine. 13. Liz's elder brother said that he (go) to enter Leeds Univer­sity. 14. While my son (wait) for my call, somebody knocked at the door. 15We (just / talk) about him when he suddenly (come) in. 16. Yesterday while Dad (shave), he (cut) himself slightly. 17. They (quarrel) while they (wash) their car.

    TEST3. Present Perfect or Past Simple?

    1. Jack (lose) his key. He can't get into the house. 2. I (do) a lot of work today. 3. What (do) last weekend?

    4. … you (see) Ann yesterday? 5. It's the most interesting film I (ever see). 6. … you (eat) many fruit today? 7. I (get) a message from Lily last Saturday. 8. When … you (buy) the new car? 9. They never (play) rugby this year. 10. What… you (do) since I last (meet) you? 11. We (not / have) a holiday last year. 12. My parents (be) to the USA many times. 13.1 (buy) a new dress last week, but I (not / wear) it yet. 14.

    it (stop) raining yet? 15. Don't worry about your letter. I (send) it the day before yesterday. 16.1 (lose) my glasses. I (have) them when I came to the college this morning.

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