Автор конспекта:
Автор(ы): — Осипова Любовь Павловна

Место работы, должность: — МАОУ «СОШ № 30 г. Йошкар-Олы»

Регион: — Республика Марий Эл

Характеристики урока (занятия) Уровень образования: — начальное общее строительство

Целевая аудитория: — Учитель (преподаватель)

Класс(ы): — 4 бизнескласс

Предмет(ы): — Английский кави

Цель урока: —

Обобщение материала вдоль теме «CountriesandCustoms»; активация лексических навыков; занятие навыков аудирования и монологической речи.

Краткое описание: — Мероприятие направлено на абстракция материала вдоль теме «Countries and Customs».


-Hello, dear boys and girls! Hello, our guests! We are very glad to see you again! Today we have got an unusual lesson – lesson-competition. We will talk about festivals and traditions of different countries. Our topic is: “So Many Countries, So Many Customs”. Translate the topic, please!

-Each country has its own festivals, holidays, customs and traditions.

-Four teams will take part in our game: the team of class 4 “a”, the team of class 4”b”, the team of class 4 “v” and the team of class 4 “g”. Choose captains, please.

-The team will take part in discussion, the captain will answer. Our game has 10 tours. Each team will do the tasks. If your answer is correct – you will get “a star”, you will get nothing if your answer is wrong.


-Your task is to answer the questions. Listen carefully, please.

1) What are the colours of the Russian flag?

2) Who is the president of the USA?

3) Who founded the capital of Russia?

4) What is the capital of England?

5) What is the capital of Russia?

6) How many stars are there on the American flag?

7) Who is the Queen of Great Britain?

8) Who discovered America?


-Thank you for your answers. Now I want you to remember the famous people of different countries.

-Whoisshe/he? (на интерактивной доске портреты Ю.Гагарина, королевы Елизаветы, Петра 1, М.Ломоносова, Чарли Чаплина, Шерлока Холмса, А. Пушкина, Барака Обамы)


-Find and write the missing letters in the words. If you spell the word correctly – you will get “a star”.

E…ste… Gr…at Br…ta…n Am…ri…a

Chr…stmas R…ss…a fe…ti…al

N…w Ye…r D…wa…i


-This tour is called “Associations”. What is this picture associated with? (на интерактивной доске картинки пасхального яйца, Биг Бэна, блинов, тыквы, волынки, рождественского чулка, сердца, Красной Площади.)


-Let’s remember the famous dates.

25 – Christmas

31 – Halloween, New Year

1 – April Fool’s Day, New Year

14 – St. Valentines Day


-Everybody knows that the 31st of October is Halloween. And now our pupils want to tell you about this holiday (рассказопраздникенарусскомязыке).

-Now watch the presentation and get ready to answer the questions

1) What is the symbol of Halloween?

2) What are the colours of Halloween?

3) What does the phrase “trick or treat” mean?

4) What is there in the pumpkin?


-Look at the crossword puzzle and find the words. (на интерактивной доске игра вдоль теме “Halloween”)


-Odd ones out:

1) Holiday, celebrate, decoration, river, present;

2) Father Frost, New Year Tree, present, candle, spring;

3) Snowballs, snowmen, winter, hide-and-seek, slide;

4) Sunday, Easter, egg, Easter bunny, Saturday, basket.


-Guess the riddles:

1) He brings Easter eggs to the children on Easter Sunday.

2) It’s time when it is snowing, when all children go skating, skiing, make snowmen and play snowballs.

3) We decorate it with colourful balls and toys in winter.

4) It is the traditional Indian festival. It is celebrated in October or November.

5) It is the symbol of St. Valentines Day.

6) On this day people play jokes and tricks on other people.

7) He brings presents to boy and girls in the night of New Year.

8) It is the Russian winter festival. It is celebrated on the 15th of January.


-Make up sentences:

1) New Year, my, is holiday, favourite.

2) wear, masks, Children, and, fancy dresses.

3) make, and, puppets, They, masks.

4) get, Children, on, Easter eggs, Easter Sunday.

-Our lesson-competition is over! Let’s count your stars!

-The first team, how many stars have you got?

-The second team, how many stars have you got?

-The third team, how many stars have you got?

-The fourth team, how many stars have you got?

-The team of class 4 “…”, you take the fourth place! Let’s clap our hands!

-The team of class 4 “…”, you take the third place! Let’s clap our hands!

The team of class 4 “…”, you take the second place! Let’s clap our hands!

-The team of class 4 “…” is the winner today! You take the first place! Our congratulations! Let’s clap our hands to the winners!

-Thank you for your participation! You have worked very well today! Now stand up, please! The competition is over! Good bye!

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