Автор конспекта:
Автор(ы): — Моисеев Александр

Место работы, должность: — учащийся ГОУ РМЭ «Лицей им. М.В. Ломоносова» г. Йошкар-Ола, Марий Эл

Регион: — Республика Марий Эл

Характеристика конспекта:
Уровни образования: — основное общее образование

Класс(ы): — 10 класс

Предмет(ы): — Английский язык

Целевая аудитория: — Методист
Целевая аудитория: — Учащийся (студент)
Целевая аудитория: — Учитель (преподаватель)

Тип ресурса: — проект

Краткое описание ресурса: — Презентация материалов к 400-летию Квебека, руководитель учитель английского языка Биндас О.Б.

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The 400-th anniversary of Quebec devoted to

The presentation is made by the student of the 10-th grade of the “Lyceum named after Lomonosov” Moiseev Alexander The suprvisor Bindas O.B.


Geographical position

Climate, surface

Population of Quebec


Coat of arms of Quebec






Geographical position:

Quebec is the capital city of the Quebec province of Canada. Quebec is located in the western part of Canada. This country is situated in the northern part of North America. Canada is washed by the Arctic ocean in the north, the Atlantic ocean in the east and the Pacific ocean in the west. Canada borders on the United States of America. The area of Quebec is about 88.86 square km.

Climate and surface:

Despite affinity to the Atlantic ocean, the climate in the city is continental, with cold winter and warm summer. The highest temperature in Quebec is 35.6 °C, and the lowest temperature there is -36.1 °C.

To the north of the city there are the Lawrence mountains, the highest peak is 1166 m (Raul Blancharda’s peak).

Population: 526000, Frenchmen – 94%, Englishmen – 2%, Russians – 1%, other – 2%

Quebec is the capital city of the Quebec Province

Quebec (“Quebec" is one of American Indian adverbs means "a place where waters are narrowed) — a city and a port in a mouth of the river of St Lawrence , an administrative centre of the province of Canada with the same name, the former capital of New France, the first European colony on North American continent. The city was based in 1608 by Samjuelem de Shamplejnom at bottom of the rock of Kap Djaman rising on hundred-metre height above the sea level. It was time of the first French settlers — hunters, dealers furs, the missionaries, who profited here to base far from European colony — New France.

Quebec is located on the river of St. Lawrence, where the river flows into the gulf of St. Lawrence. It is a unique city of North America. In 1759 the seaport of Quebec became English, and in 1763 according to the Paris contract officially passed under the power of Great Britain.

Old Quebec

During the development, the city turned into the important centre with two parts. In ancient Bottom city clamped between breakage and the river of St. Lawrence, economic activities of Quebec concentrate. Here there are narrow, twisting small streets which were built from stone in the 17-18 centuries houses adjoining closely to each other. Top city was constructed on a rock, where the administrative and religious life of Quebec is concentrated. Many constructions of the

17-18 centuries, including Catholic cathedrals, monasteries of Jesuits and Franciscans disappeared. At once behind fortifications of the Citadel and Parliament of the province of Quebec are located. Now on the narrow small streets usually crowded by tourists, numerous shops, restaurants and bars are situated. Ensemble of Old Quebec is represented by a rare example of the strengthened North American city of the colonial period. Old quarters of Quebec in 1985were recognized by UNESCO as a monument of the world heritage.

The Quebec flag

Like other Cities Quebec has its own symbols such as a flag, a coat of arms and the national anthem.

The city flag has been officially adopted on January, 12th 1987.

On a blue background of a flag of the city there is a sailing vessel – a yellow frigate symbolizing a name of the city, which was founded by Shamplejnom. Also it symbolizes an importance of shipping routes and a port represented in the city, bordered by the gear of white drawing representing unique fortifications. A sail wind symbolize firmness and boldness of the population.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of Quebec was adopted by order-in-council of the Quebec government on December 9, 1939 by Queen Victoria.

The municipal arm from the top to bottom represents a crown (Quebec fortifications are reminders that Shamplejn was founded from another fort at the French Atlantic coast-Brouage in Saintonge), lower on a red background there are 2 gold keys symbolize Quebec as capital of New France and a capital of a province Quebec. Keys are covered with a maple leaf, a symbol of Canada. Then we can see a ship (Quebec as an important seaport) with full sails (a force and bravery symbol), wavy tapes on the other side symbolize the river of St. Lawrence, on tapes there is a motto "Don de Dieu feray valoir“- “a gift of god will bring prosperity”. Don de Dieu — the ship’s name onboard of which S.Shamplejn came.

Colours of the arms:

Gold — force, firmness, belief, justice, riches, fidelity

Red — force, power, resoluteness;

Blue — the sovereignty, greatness, clearness, good reputation, knowledge, fidelity;

Silver — modesty, cleanliness, mercy, true, a victory

Official symbols of Quebec

The official flower of Quebec is a North American iris, which changes the colour. The Official animal of the city is a snow owl. An official tree of the city is a yellow birch.


Quebec is the capital city of Quebec province, which economics is three times more than French one and seven times more than in Great Britain. A total national product is about 185 366 million.

Quebec is an advanced, modern industrial city.

There are highly developed different brunches of industry – metallurgy, light industry, chemistry, pharmaceutics, instrument making, aerospace industry, pulp and paper industry, oil refining (import oil), sewing and the food-processing industry, mechanical engineering branches, shipbuilding and aircraft construction, motor industry (branches of ‘ GENERAL MOTORS ‘ and other foreign firms

There are three rivers that’s why pulp-and-paper industry is developed. The aluminum is concentrated near the large hydroelectric power stations in Shikutimi-Zhonker. From hydroelectric power station cascades on northern rivers (Manikuagan, Utard, and also in the gulf of James where the largest hydroelectric power station is located – ‘ La-Grand-2 ‘ has capacity in 5,3 million in km) the electric power is exported to the USA , supplying the State of New York. The province is rich in natural resources — nickel, zinc, tin, gold, copper.

Along the St. Lawrence river there are many farms, Quebec is the largest Canadian exporter of diary products.

Education in Quebec

Children begin studying at school at the age of 6. Studying at primary school (1-6 classes, 6-12 years) and high school (7-11 classes, 13-17 years) is conducted in French. In Quebec children finish high school after 11 classes, preparation for entering the university will take two more years on preparatory branch in the system of SEGER college (College d’Etudes Generales et d’Education Professionelle) to receive a diploma of DЕС (Diplome d’Etudes Collegiales). The majority of Quebec schools are state, with a day mode of study. There are private schools, boarding schools where children from other countries study. Colleges in Quebec are a set of the state and private colleges

The main goal of colleges is to prepare professionals for the industry and business. These are some technical training colleges where students receive any profession for a short term. In colleges there is a year programme providing getting of a certificate. There are also biennial programs which are coming to an end with getting a diploma.

There are two universities in Quebec. They are Laval university and the University of Quebec. In universities students study Information technology, web design, accounting, business administration, hotel and tourist management.

There are programmes, allowing to combine training at the University and practice (within 4 months). A number of colleges has organized academic programmes for preparation foreign schoolboys to enter the universities.


National Assembly

It has been constructed in 1886 in the style of French revival. The façade of the building is decorated with a gallery of sculptures of the most outstanding people in the history of Canada. Any interested person can enter the building free of charge. Here there is a restaurant "Le Parlementaire", accessible to the common people.

Basilique Notr Dam of Quеbec

The Cathedral — Basilique Notr Dam of Quebec became the first parish church of North America. The initial church was constructed on this place, was opened in 1664 and received a cathedral rank 10 years later.

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

The first Anglican cathedral was founded in 1804. Constructed outside Great Britain, it was in Quebec and was called the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. The cathedral was decorated with a carving, made of oaks of Windsor wood.

The citadel of Quebec is a historical place. Building of an initial citadel began in 1673. The Modern citadel, in the form of a star, was constructed in 1820-1831 years.

This is a field where there was a fight with North America, which put an end to seven-year war between the British and French forces. This fight turned an outcome of the long-term conflict between France and England for the possession of New France. The French army surrendered and transferred the colony of England. Subsequently the confederation from Bottom (Quebec) and Top (Ontario) of Canada was created.

Now, Plains of Abraham is the most remarkable park of Quebec. It is one of the important historical parks of Canada. It has 100- year anniversary this year.

The Quebec bridge

The Quebec bridge is a metal console bridge across the river of St. Lawrence, connecting the cities of Quebec and Levi. The bridge planned to be construct in the middle of the XIX century, however completely it was opened on December,3, 1919. It was constructed by H.E. Vautelet. The bridge belongs to the Canadian railways, distance between the supports is 549 m, total length of 987 m, and width is 29 m. On the bridge there are three roads for motor transport, one railway and one foot path. It is the biggest console bridge in the world.


Over 4 million tourists visit Quebec annually, 1.2 million of them are foreign.

Quebec City is known for its Winter Carnival, it is one of the biggest carnivals in the world, near one million people take part in it. Also Quebec is famous for its Saint-Jean-Baptist Day celebrations.

Tourist attractions located near Quebec City include the Montmorency Falls(83 m), this is the highest falls in the province.

Also there are he big shopping centres in parkway Lore and numerous terraces of cafes and restaurants on Grand-Alley which attract tourists. It is necessary to visit park "Falls Montmorency“, ("Chute — Montmorency"), which is situated in the suburb of the city, with its huge (more than the Niagara) falls and a park "Shjut-de-la-Shaude" ("Chutes de la Chaudiere") with its remarkable falls (120 metres), and also the Jerusalem Tsikloramu, one of the greatest circular panoramas in the world, telling about Jesus’ life and death.


— Swimming

— Cross – country skiing

— Baseball

— Tennis

— Basketball

— Golf

We can also name the city as a capital of sport. This year final matches of the world ice hokey championship 2008 will be held in Quebec.


Quebec a beautiful city in which the history and the present are harmoniously combined, there people of different nationalities live in the consent and friendship. People of the city love it, protect surrounding beauty, introduce new technologies in order to protect ecological balance. The city attracts tourists from the different countries of the world.

So Quebec is the remarkable city with 400 — year history.

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