Автор конспекта:
Автор(ы): — Пенкина Ольга, ученица 10кл, под рук-вом учителей Иванушкиной Ю.В., Филенковой Л.М.

Место работы, должность: —

МБОУ "СОШ №33" Знгельсского муниципального района

Регион: — Саратовская область

Характеристика конспекта:
Уровни образования: — основное общее образование

Класс(ы): — 8 класс
Класс(ы): — 9 класс
Класс(ы): — 10 класс
Класс(ы): — 11 класс

Предмет(ы): — Английский язык

Целевая аудитория: — Учитель (преподаватель)

Тип ресурса: — проект

Краткое описание ресурса: —

Проект-размышление ученицы 10кл о своей будущей профессии

Пенкина Ольга Алексеевна,

ученица 10д класса МБОУ «СОШ№33» учителя англ. яз. Иванушкина Ю.В., Филенкова Л.М.


Let me introduce myself. My full name is Olga Alexeevna Penkina , but friends normaly call me by my first name, Olga. I was born on the 3 rd of Febrary in 1995. I have a large family: my father, my mother and two little brothers. Besides I am in friendly and close terms with my aunt. She is my father’s sister. All members of our family have technical education.

I’m a pupil of the tenth form of a secondary school. Our school is big and modern. It offers a general course of academic and non-academic subjects ( like sports and home economics) , providing general education . Besides , it offers a number of courses giving profound knowledge in a variety of fields : the humanities , natural sciences and mathematics. As for my friends they have chosen different specializations . Some of them want to become doctors or lawyers and they are right , I think . These professions are very popular nowadays.

But I specialize in the humanities. The course I take includes Russian , Russian Literature and English . English has always been my favourite . Only few of my friends study with me. I think it is because that it’s very boring for them to learn a lot of new words or spoken expressions from the unknown foreign language. Or they won’t earn much money working as a translator, for example.

But my dream has always been to become an interpreter or a translator of English and Spanish . I’ve chosen this profession as my future occupation a long time ago. For me choosing a career is not only a mother of future prestige and wealth. In my opinion a job should be interesting and socially important. People all over the world should communicate in spite of the fact that they speak different languages. They should help each other to develop culture, science, industry and economy. Such a specialist as I am going to become should help them. I think this profession gives plenty of opportunities to help people in their communication. It is very interesting for me to deal with people of different nationalities because they can tell me about their lifestyle, traditions and customs. If I know English or Spanish quite well, I can visit a lot of countries where these languages are spoken. It will be both pleasant and useful for my education. I can see myself all the sightseeing of foreign countries, get acquainted and make friends with their people.

I am very well aware of the fact that my interest in the subject is insufficient , I need profound knowledge in the chosen field. That is why my ambition is to enter the foreign languages department of the university of Saratov. That’s the difficult task, and I have to study twice as hard as others. I’m also going to take a preparatory course at the University. Now I do my best at school. I try to take part in every competition dealing with English language. I translate a lot of literature both from English into Russian and from Russian into English. I write a lot of essays and compositions, learn new English words and patters. I am a good computer user. I do not only read a lot of books and watch English speaking films online, but I take some English courses. Besides, I have some English speaking friends and we are often in touch with each other . Of course all these things help me to develop my speaking habits and make my English speech more fluently.

So I hope I’ll manage to pass my school-leaving exams and entrance exams at the University with good and excellent marks. It will give me a chance of entering the University , If I fail the exams , I’m going to have a try next year. I think this profession is my final choice .

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