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Автор(ы): — Индюкова Татьяна Васильевна

Регион: — Красноярский край

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Уровни образования: — основное общее образование
Уровни образования: — среднее (полное) общее образование
Уровни образования: — дополнительное образование детей
Уровни образования: — начальное профессиональное образование
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Класс(ы): — 8 класс
Класс(ы): — 9 класс
Класс(ы): — 10 класс
Класс(ы): — 11 класс

Предмет(ы): — Английский язык

Целевая аудитория: — Учащийся (студент)
Целевая аудитория: — Учитель (преподаватель)

Тип ресурса: — дидактический материал

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Задания позволяют повторить грамматический материал.

Тест для подготовки к ГИА и ЕГЭ на употребление Passivevoice.

1. Read the story and answer the questions.

A Diamond Ring

A merry group of friends was sitting on a restaurant terrace. The table was laid for four: two men and two women. The waiter was sent for and soon dinner was served. Everyone was eating fish, and when the dinner was finished, a woman said, "Diamonds and pearls are often found inside fish." A lot of interesting stories were told until an old gentleman, who had been sitting quietly all the time, said, "I'll tell you a story about fish." Everyone agreed, so the old gentleman continued, "When I was a young man, I worked in a large company in New York. At that time I was in love with a pretty girl. Very soon we were engaged. About two months before our wedding I had been suddenly sent to England. I promised to write to my girlfriend because I had to stay in England longer than I had planned and I was very upset.

Finally, my work was done and I could go home. I was very happy because I had bought a very expensive diamond ring for my future wife.

On my way to New York I was looking through the morning newspaper, which had been brought to me by the waiter. In the newspaper it was written that my girl was going to marry another man.

This made me so angry that I threw the ring into the sea.

A few days later when I was in a restaurant in New York, some fish was brought to the table. While I was eating, I felt something hard in my mouth. What do you think it was?"

"The diamond ring!" cried the friends. "No," said the old gentleman, "it was a fishbone."

  • When was an old gentleman in love?
  • Was he going to marry?
  • Where was he sent?
  • Why was the man very upset?
  • Why was the man happy on his way home?
  • What was written in the newspaper?
  • What did the man do with the ring?
  • Did he find the ring?
  • 2. Translate into Russian.

  • A new TV set was bought two months ago.
  • These books will be sold in a month.
  • The rules were explained to us by the teacher.
  • A lot of new songs will be sung at the camp fire.
  • They always insist on this idea, but we don't agree with it.
  • 3. Put in the missing prepositions and translate into Russian.

  • Why is he always laughed ____?
  • Who is being waited ____?
  • Was Mary looked ___by your sister?
  • The song was being listened _____.
  • Was his arrival insisted ____?
  • His plans are always objected _____.
  • Why is this book never referred _____?
  • He was being laughed _____when I came.
  • The doctor has already been sent ____.
  • The child will be looked ____by my sister.
  • They were waited ____very long yesterday.
  • This book is often referred _____.
  • His arrival was insisted _____.
  • This man is always relied ____.
  • His plans were objected ____.
  • Translate the sentences into English.
  • На эту статью обычно ссылаются.
  • Над ним часто смеются.
  • За бабушкой будет ухаживать его сестра.-
  • Слушали его рассказ, когда я вошел.
  • Против его планов всегда возражают.
  • Express the same idea using passive constructions.
  • He'll read an interesting story to them.
  • Mother promised her a trip to Moscow.
  • They'll send a lot of letters to Misha.
  • We always buy bread for her.
  • They sold these trainers very cheaply.
  • Find the mistakes and correct them. There are sentences without mistake
  • Us was shown the house yesterday.
  • They'll be sent a fax tomorrow.
  • They were recommended a good teacher.
  • Me has already been told this story.
  • The child is read books every day.
  • Tourists were offered cold drinks.
  • Next month she is paid 3,000 roubles.
  • 8.Fill in the gaps with necessary verbs. .

  • We've seen this film already. So ____she.
  • He is her friend. So ____I.
  • He's never been to Rome. Neither____my parents.
  • Vasya is playing football. So _____my brother.
  • He couldn't remember her name. Neither ____I.
  • I didn't see our teacher yesterday. Neither____Sveta.
  • 9. Fill in the gaps with soor neither.

  • They've been staying in this hotel for a week. _____ have we.
  • My brother didn't like fish.____ did I.
  • They aren't going to visit the Petrovs. _____ are we.
  • Helen has already done her homework. _____have I.
  • We liked the film. _____ did they.
  • 10. Choose the correct variant and open the brackets.

  • (Would you like / Do you like) a cup of tea?
  • (Would you like / Do you like) books?
  • (Would you like / Do you want) to come with me?
  • (Would you like / Do you want) to see the ocean?
  • (Would you like / Do you like) animals?
  • 11. Circle the correct verb and fill in the gaps.

    1. Why have you___________ the TV? — I wanted to see the film.

    a) turned back b) turned off c) turned up

    2. Somebody called his name and he________ , but he saw nobody.

    a) turned out to be b) turned into c) turned back

    3. She has been ill for a month. Her trip_________ very difficult for her.

    a) turned b) turned down c) turned out to be

    4. He was offered help. But he__________ .

    a) turned off b) turned it down c) turned back

    5. He always___________ suddenly.

    a) turns down b) turns up c) turns back

    Действительный и страдательный залог

    The Active voice and the Passive voice (действительный залог и страдательный залог)

    Залог — это форма глагола, которая показывает: сам предмет или лицо производит действие (действительный залог) или действие производится над предметом или лицом (страдательный залог). Например:

    Действительный залог(Active voice): Kate sent a letter last week. — Катя послала письмо на прошлой неделе.

    Страдательный залог(Passive voice): The letter was sent by Kate last week. — Письмо было послано Катей на прошлой неделе.

    В страдательном залоге часто не упоминается, кем или с помощью чего было совершено действие, но если такая информация нужна, то используются предлоги by (кем) илиwith (с помощью чего). Например:

    The job was done by Ann. — РаботабыласделанаАней.

    The letter was written with a pen. — Письмобылонаписаноручкой.

    Образование страдательного залога

    Страдательный залог образуется с помощью вспомогательного глагола to be, который изменяется по временам, и третьей формы глагола, которая остается неизменной.


    Present Simple

    A lot of books are printed every year.

    Много книг печатается каждый год.

    Past Simple

    This book was printed in 1905.

    Эта книга была напечатана в 1905 году.

    Future Simple

    This book will be printed next year.

    Эта книга будет напечатана в следующем году.

    Present Progressive

    Page 10 is being printed at the moment.

    Страница 10 печатается в данный момент.

    Past Progressive

    When the author phoned, his book was being printed.

    Когда автор позвонил, его книга печаталась.

    Present Perfect

    This book has already been printed twice this year.

    Эта книга уже напечатана в этом году дважды.

    Past Perfect

    This document had been printed before the police arrived.

    Этот документ был напечатан до того, как прибыла полиция.

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