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Автор(ы): — Цветкова Ирина Юрьевна

Место работы, должность: — МАОУ «Средняя общеобразовательная профшкола №2 с углубленным изучением английского языка», софист английского языка.

Регион: — Новгородская арктогея

Характеристики урока (занятия) Уровень образования: — дух общее шлир

Целевая аудитория: — Учитель (преподаватель)

Класс(ы): — 9 бизнескласс

Предмет(ы): — Английский субпродукт

Цель урока: — осмотр сформированости лексико-грамматической компетентности учащихся по теме “Linking Past and Present” (Unit 1 УМК English IX, авт. Афанасьева О. В., Михеева И. В.)

Тип урока: — Урок контроля, оценки и коррекции знаний учащихся

Учащихся на классе (аудитории): — 11

Используемые учебники и учебные пособия: — 1)Павлоцкий В. М. Контрольные работы по английскому языку. 9 бизнескласс с углубленным изучением.-«Каро»,2009,-208 с. 2)Афанасьева О.В, Михеева И.В. Английский язык: пособие чтобы 9 класса школ с углубленным изучением английского языка.- «Просвещение»,2009,- 239 с. Афанасьева Ольга, Михеева Ирина .-ююю..бь…дор.,,»»», ,,,

Краткое описание: — Урок проводится на два этапа:1) учащимся предлагается решительно выполнить тестовые задания (40 мин.) 2)самопроверка созвучно с ключами, обсуждение результатов.

Урок проводится на два этапа:1) учащимся предлагается решительно выполнить тестовые задания (40 мин.)

Контрольные задания к Unit 1

УМК English IX, авт. Афанасьева О. В., Михеева И. В.

I. Listen to the text “William the Conqueror” and say true, false or not mentioned in the text.

  • William had gathered together thousands of ships.
  • His soldiers felt reluctant to cross the Channel because they were afraid of the English attack.
  • Halley’s Comet appears once in 76 years.
  • The appearance of the new star cheered upWilliam’s soldiers.
  • William’s army won the great battle.
  • ____/ 5

    II. Read the mixed up parts of the text and put them in a logical order to get a complete story.

    James I and the Gunpowder Plot.

    a) The effigy is known to such children as «Guy Fox», though the real name of the man who it represents was Guido Fawkes. Although he was born at York, he had served in the Spanish army, and used the Spanish form of his name in his signature. Who was he, this man who is still burnt every year, hundreds of years after he lived? This is his story, the story of Guido Fawkes and King James I.

    b) When the Great Queen Elizabeth died in 1603 she was unmarried. So the Scottish King James VI became King James I of England. He was not a pleasant man. Not only was he of ungainly appearance, he was also untrustworthy and deceitful. James I who believed in absolute monarchy insisted that the Members of Parliament were there simply to do as he told them. In addition to his frequent quarrels with Parliament, James earned the hatred of many of his subjects by his treatment of people with religious views differing from own. From this hatred came the famous Gunpowder Plot less than two years after his coronation.

    c) Thus died a man whose name has quite wrongly and mistakenly come to mean anyone of queer or foolish appearance. Only Guido Fawkes was neither. He was a brave man and a gentleman, a faithful friend to the limit of endurance, ready to die for the faith in which he believed. We can be sure that never again were the cellars under the House of Lords let during the reign of James I. Nor have they ever been let since. Even to this day a careful search is made of them before the opening of Parliament.

    d) He was what is called a soldier of fortune. That is a man who is prepared to fight for any country which will pay him. Guy Fawkes was a gentleman of good family, brave and religious, who was ready to risk everything for a cause in which he believed. The conspirators had rented a house next door to the Houses of Parliament and under the House of Lords and proposed that they should dig a tunnel. There they would pile barrels of gunpowder, and when the King and all the Members of parliament were assembled on the 5th of November, there would be an explosion which would leave nothing but a smoking ruin. That would be the awful result of the explosion.

    e) Everyone in England knows that the fifth of November is Bonfire Night. For day, often weeks before the date, children may be seen carrying through the streets the stuffed effigy of a man, and singing a verse which begins: Please to remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot. Very often the effigy is dressed in old clothes of the present day, but occasionally some attempt has been made to imitate the costume of an earlier age. In either case the clothes are old, because the effigy is due to be burnt over a bonfire.

    f) On November the fourth, the day before that arranged for the opening of Parliament, Guy Fawkes was found in the cellar as well as the thirty or more barrels of, gunpowder. The plot had failed. Guy Fawkes was barbarously tortured to make him give the names of the other conspirators, which he refused to do. He was dragged out on a sledge to place of execution and hanged.

    g) This was a plot to blow up Parliament whilst King James was opening a new session. It was a most wicked undertaking, because although it would have put an end to King James, many innocent people would have been killed at the same time. This does not appear to have worried the original conspirators, who did not care how many people suffered, so long as they got rid of King James. Amongst this group of gentlemen who were determined to rid the country of the King was Guido, or Guy Fawkes.

    h) Guy Fawkes was used to explosions and to the idea of hundreds of men being killed in battle. It was to be his task to set fire to the fuse, and then to escape as best he could. A man of iron nerve, he had no doubts about his part in the conspiracy. But some of the conspirators began to have serious doubts about what they were doing. Several of them had friends or relations who would be in the House on the opening day, and they naturally wished to warn them to stay away. A letter was sent to warn some of the Members of Parliament.

    ____/ 8

    III. Grammar.

    А. Open the brackets.

  • Jack (not, be) sure when he (finish) his new novel.
  • If the novel (not, have) a happy end, I (not, read) it.
  • Well, Paul, you always (lose) your keys!
  • The airplane (arrive) at seven.
  • I (hear) you (get) married.
  • В. Choose the right answer.

    1) Where are _____ letters you are talking about?

    a) a b) the c) –

    2) We seldom have ____ meals in _____ kitchen.

    a) a, the b) the, a c) –, the

    3) She gets up early in ____ morning.

    a) a b) the c) –

    4) May I have ______ sandwich?

    a) a b) the c) –

    5) Marry, _____ girl of five, has just learned her first letter.

    a) a b) the c) –

    6) _____ singer Sogdiana is working at her new album.

    a) a b) the c) –

    7) Meet ____ Captain Newman, our new colleague.

    a) a b) the c) –

    8) Vladimir Putin was elected ___ president of Russia twice.

    a) a b) the c) –

    9) _____ Prime Minister is making a speech at ten o’clock tomorrow.

    a) a b) the c) –

    _____/ 14

    IV. Lexica.

    Choose the right variant.

    1) The familyvisited a number of nice places _____ the summer.

    a) in b) for c) during

    2) Jane is very punctual and always comes _____ time.

    a) in b) on c) at

    3) They argued a lot about the project and _____ he won.

    a) in b) on c) at

    4) I might go shopping ______ this evening.

    a) in b) on c) –

    5) ___ the morning of her birthday Jane woke up early.

    a) in b) on c) –

    6) _____ the party we felt too excited to go to the bed.

    a) at b) after c) afterwards

    7) _____ are our seats?

    a) where b) there c) their

    8) I sat picking ___ my dinner wishing I was something else.

    a) at b) on c) out

    9) Don’t drive so ___, there’s ice on the road.

    a) fast b) quick c) rapid

    10) The new television ______ is being put on the roof.

    a) antennae b) antenna c) antennas

    11) ____ books describe people, situations or things that existed in the past.

    a) historic b) historical c) history

    12) Inactivity is a disease of ____ modern man.

    a) a b) the c) –

    _____/ 12

    V. Writing.

    А. Write numbers in words (use Br E)

  • We’ve picked up 1509 bags of potato.
  • My phone number is 777-134.
  • She was born in 2008.
  • The football match ended with a score 3:0.
  • The tennis players say 0 instead of zero.
  • В. Fill in the form.

    Migration card

    Family name______________________________________

    Forenames _______________________________________

    Sex _____________________________________________

    Date of birth: Day _______ Month __________ Year______

    Place of birth ______________________________________

    Nationality ________________________________________


    Address in the United Kingdom ________________________



    Signature __________________________________________


    Total: _____/ 50

    2)самопроверка созвучно с ключами, обсуждение результатов.

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