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Подробно о празднике Pancake Day. Доклад и презентация


New words

You’ll meet some new words in my report.


Nowadays the number of people learning English is increasing, so a lot of people are interested in British traditions.

The celebration of Russian Maslenitsa finished not long ago. That is why I think it would be interesting to learn about similar holiday in British culture.


I’d like to learn more about an English holiday – Pancake Day.


What Pancake Day is;

Why Pancakes are eaten on Shrove Tuesday;

When Pancake Day is;

What an English Pancake is;

What happens on Pancake Day in England and the rest of UK;

To read interesting facts;

To find out if there are similar holidays in other cultures;

To compare English and Russian celebrations.

What is Pancake Day?

Pancake Day ( also known as Shrove Tuesday) is the last day before the period which Christians callLent. It is traditional on this day to eat pancakes.

Why are Pancakes eaten on Shrove Tuesday?

Lentis a time of abstinence, of giving things up. So Shrove Tuesday is the last chance to indulge yourself, and to use up the foods that aren't allowed in Lent. Pancakes are eaten on this day because they contain fat, butter and eggs which were forbidden during Lent.

Today everyone celebrates Pancake Day regardless of religion.

When is Pancake Day?

Shrove Tuesday is celebrated the day beforeAsh Wednesday, when the Lent begins, and is therefore the final day before the commencement ofLent, a Christian festival leading up toEaster Sunday(Easter Day).

When is Pancake Day?

Shrove Tuesday always falls47 days beforeEaster Sunday,so the date varies from year to year and falls between 3 February and 9 March.

Why do Christians also call the day 'Shrove Tuesday'?

The nameShrovecomes from the old word shrive which meansto confess. On Shrove Tuesday, in the Middle Ages, people used to confess their sins so that they were forgiven before the season of Lent began.

What is an English Pancake?

A pancake is a thin, flat cake, made of batter and fried in a pan.

Caster sugar is sprinkled over the top and a dash of fresh lemon juice added. The pancake is then rolled. Some people add golden syrup or jam.

Interesting fact

The world's biggest pancake was cooked in Rochdale in 1994, it was an amazing 15 meters in diameter, weighed three tones and had an estimated two million calories.

What happens on Pancake Day in England and the rest of UK?

While Shrove Tuesday may have originated from the Christian tradition of fasting during the month of Lent, this festival has now developed into a universal tradition. Races, special menus and culinary celebrations across London make us so grateful that you don’t have to be religious – or French, for that matter – to enjoy it.

Pancake Races

Pancake races are held all over England. The object of the race is to get to the finishing line first whilst flipping a pancake in a frying pan a pre-decided number of times. The skill lies not so much in the running of the race but in flipping and catching the pancake, which must be intact when the finishing line is reached.

The most famous pancake race takes place at Olney. According to the story, in 1445 a woman of Olney heard the shriving bell while she was making pancakes and ran to the church in her apron, still clutching her frying pan.

The Olney pancake race is now world famous. Competitors have to be local housewives and they must wear an apron and a hat or scarf.

Each contestant has a frying pan containing a hot, cooking pancake. She must toss it three times during the race that starts at the market square at 11.55 am. The first woman to complete the winding 375-metre course and arrive at the church, serve her pancake to the bell ringer is the winner. She also receives a bell ringer’s kiss and prayer book from the vicar.

Annual Pancake Grease

At the famous Westminster School in London, the annual Pancake Grease is held. A verger from Westminster Abbey leads a procession of eager boys into the playground where the school cook tosses a huge pancake over a five-meter high bar. The boys then race to grab a portion of the pancake and the one who ends up with the largest piece receives a cash bonus.


In Scarborough, on Shrove Tuesday, everyone comes to the promenade to skip. Long ropes are stretched across the road and there maybe be ten or more people skipping on one rope.

The origins of this customs are not known but skipping was once a magical game, associated with the sowing and sprouting of seeds, which may have been played on barrows during the Middle Ages.


Shrove Tuesday sees the start in Ashbourne, Derbyshire of the world’s oldest, largest, longest and maddest football game. The game is played over two days and involves thousands of players. The goals are three miles apart and there are only a few rules. The cork-filled ball is a hand-painted.

Do you wonder if there are similar holidays in other cultures?

United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia -Shrove Tuesday,Pancake DayorPancake Tuesday

Brazil-Terça-feira gorda- Fat Tuesday — the final day of Brazilian Carnival.

Greece-Apocreas, which means "from the meat" since they don't eat meat during Lent, either.

Sweden-Fettisdagen(Fat Tuesday).

USA:In Catholic and French-speaking parts of the United States this day is calledMardi Gras.

Germany-"Fastnacht"(Also spelt "Fasnacht", "Fasenacht", "Fasteloven" (in the Rhine area) or "Fasching" in Bavaria.)

InFrancethey call itMardi Gras, which means Grease orFat Tuesday.

InIcelandthe day is known as "Sprengidagur" (Bursting day)

In Russia — Dainty Day on Wednesday during Maslenitsa

Comparison of Pancake Day and Dainty Day

As you can see, many countries, including Great Britain and Russia, have got the similar holiday. But are there any differences? And which features are exactly the same? To find the answer to these questions I’ve decided to compare English Pancake Day and Russian Dainty Day

Both Pancake Day and Dainty Day are legacy of pagan times. Pancake Day in England is the final day before the commencement ofLent. Russian Dainty Day is also before the Lent, but it is held on Wednesday during Maslenitsa. Delicious food which contains fat, butter, eggs called pancakes is traditionally served in England and Russia. Pancake Races, Annual Pancake Grease, skipping, football are very famous activities of Pancake Day in England while in Russia concerts with songs and chastushkas, fairs with trading tents, puppet-shows are held. In the past there was a tradition in Europe of execution of the doll symbolizing Shrove Tuesday by buring it in dunghill or drowning. It meant the end of the winter. Today in Russia burning of a big straw man is finality of the whole carnival called Maslenitsa.


So, we’ve learned more about Pancake day, its origin and name;

now we know about traditions and activities connected with it;

we’ve found out what is an English pancake and where the world's biggest pancake was cooked;

we’ve seen similar holidays in other countries.

After comparing Pancake Day and Dainty Day now I know that they are holidays of the same origin. But in spite of all similarities, today it is celebrated in unique inimitable way.

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