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Целевая аудитория: — Учитель (преподаватель)

Тип ресурса: — методическая разработка

Краткое описание ресурса: — Рождество в Великобритании, презентация, коллаж винтажных открыток, знакомство с праздником и традициями

Ход урока: Teacher: Good morning, dear boys and girls. Glad to see you again! We start our lesson, which is connected with a beautiful holiday, the most popular holiday in Great Britain. This holiday is the favourite holiday of all English children and grown-up persons. We are going to speak and read about this holiday, have a competition, write cards, and sing a song. I hope you’ll enjoy our English lesson and be friendly to each other. I wish you good luck! Now let’s divide the group into two teams. You have to name each team. So let this team be Snowflakes and that team will be Snowballs .Let’s start! There are some useful words for you to use in your answers (on the board) - Christmas tree - chimney - Stockings - candles - Carols - fireplace - Santa Clause - mistletoe - Christmas cards - beard - To decorate - to come down - Bells - to give presents Teacher: Why are we speaking about Christmas today?

P1. We are speaking about Christmas because today is the 23 d of December and tomorrow it is the Christmas Eve.

Teacher: What do you know about Christmas?

Предполагаемые ответы учащихся командам

P1: We know that Christmas is a favorite holiday for English people, especially for children.

P2: Christmas is a religious holiday. They celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.P3: I think Christmas is a family holiday. Families gather for traditional Christmas dinner. They exchange presents and congratulate each other.

P4: People decorate Christmas tree.

P 5: Send Christmas cards to their relatives and friends.

Teacher: Great! Look at the picture. (На картине изображение рождественской елки). This is а traditional “Christmas tree”. There are а lot of symbols, things and words, which are connected with this holiday. What are they? You are going to know about it out of Presentation made by some students. Its time to show it. (ученики показывают и рассказывают свою презентацию, а остальные учащиеся заполняют таблицу, выполняя задание по поиску информации)

Christmas is а Christian holiday. It is the birthday of Jesus Christ. In our country it is on the 7th of January. In the Roman Church it is on the 25th of December. To people all over the world it is а time to get together with all relatives and friends and to get and give presents. It is a tradition to sing Christmas carols and songs, play games. Little children go to bed and dream of what presents they’ll find under the tree when they wake up. Most children believe that а magical person Santa Claus will visit them. The next one is the Christmas Tree which is decorated with colored glass balls and toys, sweets, bells. There is usually а bright star or the figure of the Christmas angel at the top of the tree. Decorating the house is an old British custom. It is а bush with red berries and glossy leaves.

All children wait for Santa Claus. He comes down the chimney and leaves candy and presents inside the socks which are hung over the fireplaces. Today the tradition is carried on, but the socks are now large red sock-shaped fabric bags still called stockings. Giving gifts is a Christmas tradition.

Mistletoe is another Christmas symbol. It is tied with ribbons and hung up in doorways. By custom anyone standing under the mistletoe gets to be kissed. Important custom of Christmas is to send and receive Christmas cards. People begin sending Christmas cards early in December to friends”. Затем команды по очереди сообщают, что они узнали о Рождестве. За каждый верный ответ на их елку прикрепляется игрушка. Задание к Презентации № 1 (презентация состоит из картинок, иллюстрирующих вопросы ниже) 1. Who brings presents to children? a) Father b) Santa Claus c) granny 2. How does Santa Claus get into the house? a) Through a chimney b) through a window c) through a door 3. What do children hang over the fireplace? a) Hats b) socks c) stockings 4. What do the children wait for at Christmas? a) Ghosts b) presents c) guests 5. What do people put on the top of the Christmas Tree? a) A star or the figure of Christmas Angel b) A star or a figure of Santa Claus c) A star or a snowflakes 6. Mistletoe is … a) A toy b) a Christmas decoration c) a fruit 7. In Russia we celebrate Christmas on 25th of December b) 31st of December c) 7th of January Now it’s time to write Christmas cards. Teacher: The Christmas card is without a doubt the most sent greeting of the year. The most common sentence in a Christmas card is "Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" but it is okay to be a bit more creative when you write you greeting. Let’s remember what you can write on the cards. tmas cards. Your task is to put the pieces of the cards together and write some special words on them. Look at the screen. There are some useful Christmas words. Choose the one and be ready to write them down. (Некоторые варианты поздравлений показаны на экране. Ребята выбирают один из вариантов и записывают его на своей открытке.) You have to do this task during the clip. (Рождественские открытки) (презентация рождественских открыток составлена из открыток 19-20 веков)

Teacher: Do you know why people start decorating the fur tree? What is the main dish on Christmas? Where is the main tree situated? No? It’s high time to find it out. We are going to read about it in the text “Customs and Traditions” Task 1. Read the text and answer the questions. (Команды получают задания. Время на подготовку5 мин. Отвечают на вопросы учителя The most popular holiday in Great Britain is Christmas. People in Britain celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. There are a lot of traditions connected with Christmas. Every year the people of Norway give the city of London a present. It’s a big Christmas tree and it stands in Trafalgar Square. Most families decorate their houses with a Christmas tree; buy presents for the family and friends, write Christmas cards The custom of decorating trees for Christmas began in Germany. An eighth century monk named Saint Boniface wanted people to stop worshipping their sacred oak, so he suggested that they decorate a fir tree in honor of the Christ Child. By the 1500s, Christmas tree was very popular in Germany, and the idea was spreading to other parts of Europe. Each country developed its own way to decorate the Christmas tree.

The traditional Christmas dinner is roast turkey with vegetables and Christmas pudding. In England people make Christmas pudding before Christmas. Everyone in family stirs the pudding and makes a wish. It’s a traditional meal, which people cook for Christmas party. When the pudding is hot they put 5-penny pieces in it, and sometimes a little silver horseshoe, a button and a ring. If you find a button in your piece of pudding you will be rich, a horseshoe means happiness and good luck, a ring — marriage.

Carols Music has always been an important part of Christmas. Carols are often sung on Christmas Eve by groups of singers to their neighbors. The custom of singing carols is one of the oldest customs in Great Britain, going back to the Middle Ages when beggars, seeking food, would wander through the streets singing holiday songs. Over the years, the word ‘carol’ has changed its meaning, and is sung now days from St Thomas’s Day until the Christmas Day. Questions: 1. Who gives the city of London a Christmas tree every year? 2. Where does the Christmas tree stand?

  • What is the traditional Christmas dinner?
  • What do people put into the pudding?
  • What does it mean if you find a button (a horseshoe, a ring) in your piece of pudding?
  • What are Christmas carols? Teacher: Good of you.
  • Teacher: And who is the main Christmas symbol? (Santa Claus) Can you describe him? (дети предлагают описание Санта Клауса) Teacher: There is another description of Santa. Let’s sing the song together. Видеоклип (на каждый куплет песни приходится новое изображение Санта Клауса) Who’s got a beard that’s long and white
    Santa’s got a beard that’s long and white

    Who comes around on a special night
    Santa comes around on a special night

    Special Night, beard that’s white

    Must be Santa Must be Santa
    Must be Santa, Santa Claus

    Who wears boots and a suit of red
    Santa wears boots and a suit of red

    Who wears a long cap on his head
    Santa wears a long cap on his head

    Cap on head, suit that’s red
    Special night, beard that’s white

    Must be Santa Must be Santa
    Must be Santa, Santa Claus

    Who’s got a big red cherry nose
    Santa’s got a big red cherry nose

    Who laughs this way
    HO HO HO
    Santa laughs this way
    HO HO HO

    HO HO HO, cherry nose
    Cap on head, suit that’s red
    Special night, beard that’s white

    Must be Santa Must be Santa
    Must be Santa, Santa Claus

    Who very soon will come our way
    Santa very soon will come our way

    Eight little reindeers pull his sleigh
    Santa’s little reindeer pull his sleigh

    Reindeer sleigh, come our way
    HO HO HO, cherry nose Cap on head, suit that’s red
    Special night, beard that’s white

    Must be Santa Must be Santa
    Must be Santa, Santa Claus

    Физкульт минутка. Let’s have a rest! Your heroes ask you to do something. You do things if you hear the word “please”.(Дети выполняют только просьбы Дедов Морозов, кто ошибается—“замерзает”, т. е. выбывает из игры) For example: Swim! Skip! Dance, please! Run, please! Make a snowman! Make a snowball, please! Write! Have breakfast! And so on.

    Task 2. T-Let’s check how well you know the main words connected with Christmas. Take mini-crosswords and fill them in as you see the pictures appearing on the screen. (Дети разгадывают кроссворд, за каждый правильный ответ дети получают игрушку на елку). . Keys: 1- Santa Claus, 2- postcard, 3- presents, 4- stocking, 5- candles) Teacher: We have decorated our Christmas trees together. Now we can see the winner. And it’s time to sing a Christmas song. This audio presentation was prepared by Alinal. Let’s look at the screen and sing the song together Презентация Jingle Bells.
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