Автор конспекта:
Автор(ы): — Дмитриева Надежда Валерьевна

Место работы, должность: — МОУ «Конарская СОШ» Цивильского района ЧР учитель английского языка

Регион: — Республика Чувашия

Характеристики урока (занятия) Уровень образования: — среднее (полное) общее образование

Целевая аудитория: — Учитель (преподаватель)

Класс(ы): — 7 класс

Предмет(ы): — Английский язык

Цель урока: — образовательная:углубление знаний по страноведению воспитательная: повысить познавательный интерес к стране изучаемого языка развивающая:развитие навыков самостоятельно-познавтельной активности учащихся, развитие коммуникативных качеств Цель ЦОРов: визуализация материалов

Тип урока: — Урок обобщения и систематизации знаний

Используемые учебники и учебные пособия: —

Т.Б.Клементьева, Б.Монк. Учебник для 5-6 классов средней школы. Москва «Просвещение» 1992.

И.Н. Верещагина, О.В.Афанасьева. Учебник для IV класса школ с углубленным изучением английского языка, лицеев, гимназий, колледжей. Москва «Просвещение» 2000..

И.Н. Верещагина, О.В.Афанасьева. Учебник для V класса школ с углубленным изучением английского языка, лицеев, гимназий, колледжей. Москва «Просвещение» 2004..

Т.Б. Клементьева. Книга для чтения к учебному пособию « Счастливый английский-2» для учащихся 7-9 классов общеобразовательных учреждений. Издательство «Титул»2003.

Используемая методическая литература: — Ю.Б.Голицынский. « Великобритания» Пособие по страноведению для старших классов гимназий и школ с углубленным изучением английского языка. Издательство «КАРО» Санкт-Петербург 2005.

Используемое оборудование: —

Укомплектованный мультимедиакласс, видеомагнитофон, магнитофон

Используемые ЦОР: —

Презентация " A trip to London"

Презентация " Welcome tо Сheboksary"

Презентация " Welcome to Tsivilsk"

Видеофильм " Wales- the Land of Song"


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Краткое описание: — Данный урок проводится по результатам проектной деятельности учащихся. Урок защиты проектов учащихся в области страноведения.

Сценарий урока.

Т: Morning, children. I’ m glad to see you. I hope you are well and ready for the lesson. Natasha, is anybody absent today?

P1 :… is absent. He is ill. He has caught a cold.

T: I’m sorry to hear that, but I hope he will be well soon.

Today some guests are present at our lesson. We must greet them on behalf of our pupils. Would you do it, please?

P2 : We are happy to greet you at our lesson. We hope you will be pleased with our answers. We like

English and try to study it as well as we can.

T: Today we are going to have an unusual lesson. At first we’ll make “a trip to London”, then we’ll “visit” the capital of Chuvash Republic- Cheboksary and at last we’ll “return” to our native town-Tsivilsk. Afterwards we’ll see the project “My impression of St. Petersburg” made by Kudryavtsev

German, who visited St. Petersburg last autumn. Your home task was to make project on these topics.

The 1st project is called “A trip to London”. Some of our pupils have a chance to visit London.

The leader of the group is…Please, present your project.

P1: Ladies and gentlemen! We welcome you to London. London is one of the largest cities in the

world. About 7 mln. people live here. London is more than 2 thousand years old. Its most famous

sights are Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and St. Paul’s Cathedral. You’ll see all these places and much more of London from our double –decker.

(Идёт презентация проекта. После презентации группа поёт песню « Do you live in London?».

T: Thank you very much. Children, you can ask questions to the group.( Дети задают вопросы группе)

Рossible questions: P1: How was London called in the past?

P2: Who built the city?

P3: Why are there many ravens in the Tower of London?

P4: I wonder who was buried in Westminster Abbey?

(Затем один из учеников группы проводит игру « Самый умный».)

P3: Now it is the time to see how clever you are. Let’s play the game “ The cleverest”.

Tasks:1) You can see a statue to Admiral Nelson here.

2) It is the meeting point of 6 streets.

3) It is a very democratic park.

4) It is the London home of the queen.

5) It has a fine collection of European paintings.

6) There is the London Zoo. It is one of the royal parks.

7) It is the seat of the British government.

8) It is one of the most famous clocks in the world.

9) It is a royal church. Here you can see the tombs of many famous people.

10) It is a fortress, a palace, a prison. Now it is a museum.

11) It is the greatest work of the architect Sir Christopher Wren.

12) It was a fruit and vegetable market. Now it is a tourist shopping center.

P3: So the cleverest pupil in our class is…

P4: We have prepared a booklet “ Sights of London”. You can look it through.( группа сделала буклет о достопримечательностях Лондона.

T: Thank you. The next project is called “ Welcome to Cheboksary”. The leader of the group is

Let’s “visit” the capital of Chuvashia. (Выходит вторая группа и представляет свой проект)

Текст для презентации:


Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Cheboksary- the capital of Chuvash Republic.It is situated on the Volga-river, just in the centre of Russia, between the cities of Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. It was founded in 1469.

Cheboksary is a clean and beautiful town. Its streets are always tidy. There are many nice parks where the citizens can spend their free time.

The town is divided into: Severo-Zapadny, Novoyuzhny, Yougo- Zapadny districts and the central part.

Cheboksary is not big but you can visit many interesting and beautiful places. One of them is Vvedensky Cathedral. It is on the bank of the Volga-river. Its full name is the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Presentation. It overlooks the Volga- river and is a fine sight of white against the green of the trees and the blue of the sky. It is one of the most typical examples of Russian Church architecture. Built in the 18th century it looks fine and sparkles with its gold dome and snow – white walls.

Cheboksary is a theatrical town. The Chuvash and the Russian Drama Theatres, a Puppet show and a Young Spectators’ Theatre, the Chuvash Musical Theatre, a philharmonic society, an ensemble of songs and dances work here.

Chuvash Musical Drama theatre is a fine building. Its architectural shape is very unusual. You can enjoy the voices of many great famous opera singes here.

There are many monuments to Cheboksary: a monument to I.Ya.Yakovlev, a monument to K. V. Ivanov, a monument to an unknown solders, a monument to V.I. Chapaev. A Monument to Mother was built in honor to all chuvash women.

Another wonderful building is Railway station. It was rebuilt in 2004.

The most beloved place for the citizens of Cheboksary is Lenin Square. Many tourists come here to have a rest. View of Cheboksary creek is so wonderful that attracts tourists not only from our country.

There are many other places to see and visit in Cheboksary but you can’t do all during one short trip.

( Кроме проекта группа выпустила стенгазету « Welcome to Cheboksary».)

T: Thank you very much. Any questions to the group? (Дети задают вопросы группе)

Рossible questions: P1: I wonder, what is your favourite place to visit in Cheboksary and how do you spend time there?

P2: Have you ever been to any theatres in Cheboksary?

T: And now we’ll “return” to our home town- Tsivilsk. The leader of the 3d group is… You are welcome.

( Группа представляет свой проект “ Welcome to Tsivilsk”.)

Текст для презентации:


Tsivilsk is an old provincial town in Chuvash Republic. It is situated on the river Tsivil. It was founded in 1589.

Tsivilsk is a nice and clean town. Though it is small there are some interesting places to visit.

One of them is Tikhvinsky convent. In the past it was Voznesensky monastery, built by S.I.

Ryazanov. In 1870 it was transformed into the convent .Some women work and live there now.

In July 2001 the Patriarch of Moscow and the whole Russia Alexy II visited it.

You can’t help admiring the renovated beautiful church in Tsivilsk. It is Troitsky Cathedral,

built in honor of the priest Kharlampy. It was founded in 1734.

Not far from the Cathedral there is an old bridge across the river Malaya Tsivil. It was built

in 1910 by I. G. Gringofman.

In the centre of the town there are some wooden houses. They are the houses of merchants P. P. Kurbatov and F. Lukin and were built in 18th century.

There are some monuments in Tsivilsk. One of them is the monument built by the 400th age of Tsivilsk by the architect Anatoly Rozov. It symbolizes the connection of Tsivil Land with the universe.

Another monument is to an unknown solder. Every year on Victory Day a lot of veterans come here to honour the heroes of the World War II..

In Lenin Square there is a building of the district law – court.

Every year Tsivilsk become bigger and bigger and the citizens like their town very much.

(Кроме презентации группа выпустила стенгазету « Welcome to Tsivilsk».)


T: Thank you very much. Have you got any questions to the group?

Possible questions:- Do you like Tsivilsk?

-What sights of Tsivilsk do you like most of all?

T: And now Kudryavtsev German will present his project “ My impression of St.Petersburg”.

As you know he visited St. Petersburg last year.( Герман представляет свой проект.)

Текст для презентации:

Му impression of St. Petersburg.

I would like to tell you about my impression of St. Petersburg. I visited the city last autumn and was impressed by its beauty.

As you know, there are many sights in St. Petersburg and I visited the Peter and Paul Fortress, Palace Square with the Alexander Column, the Winter Palace, the Hermitage, Kunstkamera, very beautiful churches- the Kazan Cathedral and St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

Visting this great city I noticed some similar things between St. Petersburg and London:

1) Both cities are situated on the rivers: St. Petersburg- on the Volga, London- on the Thames.

2) The buildings St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London are very similar.

3) The favourite place of Londoners is Trafalgar Square.. In the centre of the square there is a statue of Admiral Nelson. In the evening before Christmas people like to go there to look at Christmas tree.

And the favourite place of St. Petersburg’s citizens is Palace Square with the Alexander Column.

On New Year’s Eve people come here to celebrate New Year.

4) The Tower of London and the Peter and Paul Fortress are both museums now. In the past they both were prisons.

5) There are many bridges in both cities. In St. Petersburg- 300, in London- 20 bridges.

6) To decorate the cities architects of both cities used mаny figures of lions.

I think these great cities have some similarity because St. Petersburg was built by European and Russian architects.

T: Thank you , German.

(Кроме проекта Герман сделал творческую работу «Очно-заочное путешествие в Санкт-Петербург и Лондон».)

T: So, children, our trip to the cities and towns has finished. Today you have made a good and useful work. You have presented your projects and I am pleased with your answers. Now Im going to give you marks for your work.(Учитель ставит оценки ученикам и комментирует их).

And now let’s watch a video-film. The name of the film is “ Wales- the Land of Songs”.

Then you’ll do a small test. As you know, Wales is the part of Great Britain and the Welsh are proud of their language.(На доске новые слова.Дети отрабатывают их, смотрят видеофильм, а потом получают карточки с заданием и делают маленький тест. Материал взят из видеокассеты для 7-9 классов общеобразовательной средней школы “ Happy English-2” авторов Т.Б.Клементьевой, Д.А.Шэннон. Издательство « Титул»1999)


1. Wales is a land of…a) mountains b) valleys c)mountains and valleys

2. In Caernarvon Castle the Prince of Wales received …a) title b) crown c) name

3. Castles were built by the English to keep…under control

a) the German b) the Welsh c) the Scots

4. The Welsh take great pride in…

a) the Welsh people b) the Welsh language c) the Welsh Castles

5. What does “ Croeso y Cymru” mean?

a) Welcome to Wales b) Welcome to Britain c) Welcome to Cardiff

Дальше идет рефлексия.

Т: Did you like today’s lesson? What did you like most of all? …

T: Our time is up, children. The bell has gone. You may be free. Good bye.

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