Автор конспекта:
Автор(ы): — Драгинскя Елена Михайловна

Место работы, должность: — Ротовская ОШ, учитель английского языка

Регион: — Псковская область

Характеристика конспекта:
Уровни образования: — основное общее образование

Класс(ы): — 8 класс

Предмет(ы): — Английский язык

Целевая аудитория: — Учащийся (студент)

Тип ресурса: — конспект урока (занятия)

Краткое описание ресурса: — урок в 8 классе

Lesson Scenario
Micro-teaching to speak, listen and read
Topic:Health and body care
Course-book:Верещагина И. Н. Английский язык; учебник для 5 классов с углубленным изучением английского языка
Stage:8-th form
1.to develop listening, speaking and reading skills of the pupils;
2. to develop memory, attention and logical thinking.
By the end of the lesson students will be able to:
General objectives:
- understand the whole discourse;
- read aloud;
make a performance
Specific objectives:
- present and practice phonetics (topic — Health)
- practice listening, speaking (Dialogues) and reading skills
- practice of the learned lexical material
- practice of the learned grammatical material
- individual work;
- pair work;
- front work.

Supporting learning aids:
Course-book; Classroom board; - A piece of chalk; Papers with tasksZA
Teacher’s activity
Pupils4 activity

5 minutes
Good morning, girls and boys!
Glad to see you.
How are you all today?
I am fine, thank you!
First of all, as usually, I am going to present you
phonetic exercise, which is not only phonetic, by
the way! Repeat after me phrase after phrase.
Phonetic aspect
Hands up, hands down
Hands on hips, sit down
Stand up, hands to the sides
Bend left, bend right
One, two, three — hop
One, two, three — stop.
Then let’s say it in chorus and follow the
instructions given in this small poem.
Training speaking skills
Ex 20 p 200 (208)
look at the blackboard and read the proverb,
please. This proverb highlights the main
idea of our topic — Health and body care
Good morning, teacher!
We arc glad to see you.
We are fine, thank you.
How are you?
The pupils repeat after the
The students repeat the
poem and do the exercises
5 minutes
"Good health is above wealth"
(wealth — богатство)
What Russian equivalent can you give?
(Доброе здоровье дороже богатства) Thatsright. Do you agree with the proverb?
Repeat the new word after me. Read the
proverb aloud. All together, please.
Close your eyes, please. 141 rub some words
off. (…….. is above …)
Open your eyes, please. Who can read the
proverb now?
(then the teacher takes off all the other words.)
I’ll read a short humorous poem to illustrate the
There was an Old lady who said
When she found a thief under her bed,
"Get up from the floor;
You’re too near the doorf
And you may catch a cold in your head".
(A thief- вор
You may catch a cold in your head — вы
It’s funny, isn’t it? Was the Old Lady afraid of
a thief?
Read the poem after me, please. Mind the
stresses and intonation.
Well, when people caught a cold they usually go to the doctor. Do often visit a doctor? Most people don’t like it, do they? Before we come to the next task I’d like you to refresh or remember the words and phrases we got to know the previous lessons. Lexical material Now look at the blackboard, (if the students are not able to match the words themselves, the teacher helps giving Russian or English equivalents)

5 minutes
10 minutes

The pupils try to guess.
The students repeat the proverb.
No, she wasn’t. She was very kind.
The students follow the teacher’s instructions.

Match the words to make the right combinations
1 a weak
a- of living
2 blood
b- regularly
3 to break
e- one’s feeling
4 regular
d- the law
5 do morning
e- one’s
6 to feel

7 a healthy way
f- the pulse
8 to take
g- work
9 a medicine
h- for headache
10 to hurt
i- pressure

j- chest
Keys:lj , 2i, 3d, 4g, 5b, 6\\ 7a, 8e, 9h, 10c

7 minutes
3 minutes

Training reading
Open your books page 200 (208) and read the dialogue "at the doctor’s" and say which of them -the doctor or the patient — was silly. Pay attention to the footnotes.
So, which of the two was silly?
Read the dialogue once more and get ready to answer the questions after it. Well now, close your books for a minute. And tell me who said:
"That cough sounds really very
bad."(doctor) — "Take off your shirt."(doctor)
"Can I put my shirt on?"(patient)
"Do you take any exercise?"(doctor)

The students read the text 5 minutes, ten give the answer.
PI: I think neither doctor nor patient was clever. The students read the text and then answer the questions.

5 minutes

"Stand up, please, and touch your
"I want to take your
"My feet hurt every time I walk"(patient) Let’s practice the dialogue in roles. First Lena and 1 will read the beginning of the dialogue. Listen to us carefully. Mind the stresses and intonation. Now it’s your turn to work with your partner!
Grammatical aspect
The last task fortoday is the grammatical one. Doctor: "That cough sounds really very bad" Doctor: "Take off your shirt" Patient: "Can I put my shirt on?" Doctor: "Do you ever take any exercise?" Doctor: "Stand up and touch your toes." Doctor: "I want to take your temperature" Patient: "My feet hurt every time I walk."
(Final words)
Well done! Your homework is page 202 ex 28 and to finish the task at home! I will give a mark for that. Thank you for your hard word! Good bye!

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