Автор конспекта:
Автор(ы): — Руденко Нина Митрофановна

Место работы, должность: — МОУ «Сиверская гимназия», учитель английского языка

Регион: — Ленинградская область

Характеристики урока (занятия) Уровень образования: — основное общее образование

Целевая аудитория: — Учащийся (студент)
Целевая аудитория: — Учитель (преподаватель)

Класс(ы): — 10 класс

Предмет(ы): — Английский язык

Цель урока: — актуализация умений устной речи; развитие умений вести дискуссию на иностранном языке; учить, как обращаться с деньгами; развитие умений монологической и диалогической речи.

Тип урока: — Урок обобщения и систематизации знаний

Учащихся в классе (аудитории): — 12

Используемые учебники и учебные пособия: —

УМК "New Millenium English"

Reward (Heinemann)

Используемое оборудование: —




соответствующие детали одежды для передачи образа



образцы местных ремесел

Краткое описание: — Перед уроком учащимся даны роли участников дискуссии; они подготовили краткие речи в поддержку своего предложения, подкрепляемые наглядно. Доноры выслушивают каждого выступающего, задают ему вопросы и делают вывод на что потратить деньги.

Chairman: Our school has been given a donation of 1 000 000 roubles. Today we are having a session of the school council at which a decision will be taken how to spend this sum. Let me introduce you the members of our council: school headmaster, a librarian, a parent , a teacher, 2 students from class 10. Our honorable donors are also present at our meeting. Each of you will be given a floor. Your aim is to persuade the donors to invest money in your favoured project. You have only 5 minutes for your arguments.

How to spend the donation of 1 000 000 roubles?
1. School equipment and redecoration;
2. Spiritual values;
3. As a scholarship to some really bright students;
4. Support children from poor families;
5. School production of local crafts;
6. Building a swimming pool.

Примерные высказывания учащихся:
Headmaster: the best idea how to spend this money is to equip our school with the latest-fashioned devices and gadgets, for example, I saw a project of a pupil’s room, equipped to the latest technique, modern materials, and you can see it on the screen now. After classes our pupils can lie on the comfortable sofas, watching birds and different exotic animals. It helps to relax and renew strength.
Student one: school production of local crafts. We can spend money on buying equipment for producing something that can bring money itself, for example everybody has heard about a spring of youth in our area, why not using this water and sell bottles of this magic liquid which can help people to be young and healthy. Another idea is to sell samples of red clay that our cliffs are rich in.
Student two: sport is the remedy from all illnesses and problems. Buy equipment for a swimming pool and students will get rid of stress and tiredness. I have worked out a scheme of our future swimming-pool. It will be free for school students, but payable for people who would come here. It can bring some extra money for our school budget.
Teacher: we speak a lot about different facilities but almost forget about children from poor families who do not have any chances to be with their class together in everyday activities, for example, going on excursions, museums, theatres, etc. As a result they feel miserable and unhappy. Why spend money on great projects, whereas there are students who feel outsiders among us. The best idea is to give money for children from poor families and to support them.
Parent: (try to be natural and convincing, having a lot of mistakes in his speech). I am a worker at a factory, my son is a good student, but he has nothing for his hard work. I think we should encourage him by giving some money as a scholarship. It will set example and will be a motive for the rest of the students to study well and be industrious.
Librarian: You speak a lot about material values; it is high time to go to spiritual ones: books, CDs, films, extra music classes. Why not to enrich our funds, we have so many to buy and to see. I have brought some samples of everything to demonstrate to you. Spiritual values in the first place — that is my idea.

Donors: we have some questions to everybody.
1. Do you have enough money for your dream?
2. Is not it strange for a student to lie on the sofa at school and not to work properly?
3. Is school the right place for producing anything but knowledge? Is it a factory or something?
4. Do you think students need to have a swimming-pool at school? Does not it change educational institution into a sport center?
5. How many children from poor families do you have?
6. Do not you think it is a bad idea to give money for charity?
7. Do you think it will stimulate other children from school?
8. Do you have enough books in your library?
9. How much do you intend to spend on your project?

Donors: a conclusion.
We have listened to all the arguments and have seen all good points and drawbacks of them. Your headmaster is a dreamer with his idea of a room for a student to have a relax. A student with a swimming pool has no idea of money spent on this very expensive project. As for local crafts, we like it but it is not for school at all. Library has enough books for every student who is more interested computers than in library itself. Poor families have money from the government. We appreciate the thought of giving money as a scholarship for brilliant students and in this way boost their striving to knowledge and hard work which of course a way to success.

При составлении урока я планировала примерные высказывания учащихся, после чего роли заранее были даны детям и они составляли свои речи сами. На уроке были использованы слайды 1,2,5, 6,7,8,9,17,19. При внесения предложения о строительстве бассейна была составлена план-схема на отдельном листе и продемонстрирована на уроке вместе с сообщением. Сообщение о местных ремеслах сопровождалось образцами этих ремесел: бутылка с живой водой из источника молодости со специальной наклейкой. Прилагается презентация урока с текстами учащихся.

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