Автор конспекта:
Автор(ы): — Дузкрятченко Ирина Геннадьевна

Место работы, должность: — учитель английского языка, МАОУ лицей №14 им. Кузьмина А.М.

Регион: — Тамбовская область

Характеристики урока (занятия) Уровень образования: — среднее (полное) общее образование

Целевая аудитория: — Учащийся (студент)

Класс(ы): — 8 класс

Предмет(ы): — Английский язык

Цель урока: —

Закрепление пройденного материала по теме: “Профессии

Тип урока: — Урок закрепления знаний

Учащихся в классе (аудитории): — 15

Используемые учебники и учебные пособия: —

New Cutting Edge Students Book- Intermediate by Sarah Cunningham, Peter Moor

Используемое оборудование: —

Компьютер или музыкальный центр

Краткое описание: — Этапы урока: 1. Организационный момент. 2. Фонетическая зарядка. 3. Речевая зарядка. 4. Проверка домашнего задания. 5. Развитие навыков говорения. 6. Развитие навыков аудирования. 7. Показ презентации. 8. Заключительный этап урока.

1. Организационный момент(приветствие, вступительное слово учителя и постановка задач урока).

T.: Good morning, everybody. Glad to see you. Sit down, please. The subject of our lesson today is: ‘Choice of a job’. This theme is very important for everybody and the sooner you choose your job the better. At your age you should analyze your abilities, concentrate on some subjects and choose elective courses at school or somewhere else. I hope our lesson will help you to make your choice. Today you’ll activate your vocabulary, watch a video about one English boy, become a career adviser and make a job advert.

2. Фонетическаязарядка.

T.: Let’s refresh our memory. Look at photos and name all professions that I’ll show.

T.: Which of these jobs are dangerous; require a university degree; are done only by men; are done only by women; are most prestigious; are least prestigious; are well paid; are hardly paid

3. Речеваязарядка.

T.: Open your book and read it in a chain and give names to the descriptions of these jobs.

(Answers: 1. a lawyer; 2. an estate agent; 3. a social worker; 4. a receptionist; 5. a vet; 6. an electrician; 7. an editor; 8. a chemist; 9. a pharmacist; 10. a travel agent ).

4. Проверка домашнего задания: “ Рекламное объявление о работе”.

T.: Let’s analyze professions more carefully and learn about requirements and qualities of your favourite jobs. So I invite you to present your job adverts. You could prepare your homework in a group or individually. Be ready to answer the questions. Now you are welcome.

/ possible questions to the students after presentation:

— What qualities do you find most attractive in this job?

— What could be an advantage when applying for you?

— What applicants don’t you want to see?

— Are there any minuses in your job? /

5. Развитиенавыковговорения.

а) T.: Choosing a profession is not an easy task. As you know, it can be influenced by our interests, wishes, talents or somebody’s advice or somebody’s pressure. I offer you a chance to become a career adviser and practice in giving advice to people. In your books you’ll find some cards with information about different people. . Let’s divide into 5 groups. Each group discusses one card for 2 minutes and gives recommendations with arguments. Some useful phrases could help you in giving advice.

-Answers:1. a driver / a mechanic /; 2. a nurse / a social worker /; 3. a librarian / a journalist /; 4. a photographer / a designer /; 5. a vet.

б) самостоятельное составление учащимися индивидуальных карточек о их интересах.

T.: Now I advise you to write similar cards with your preferences and experience. It will help us analyze your abilities and recommend a proper job for you. The cards are in front of you. In three minutes be ready to complete them.

c) самостоятельные рекомендации по выбору профессии для одноклассников. (учитель собирает карточки, зачитывает их анонимно и учащиеся в свободной беседе дают рекомендации своим одноклассникам ).

6. Развитие навыков аудирования.

T.: Now let’s get acquainted with one English boy Perry. Before watching video with his interview let’s learn new words. (ученики читают новые слова с дефинициями и вопросы для проверки понимания.) After watching video be ready to answer these questions. (учащиеся смотрят видео с субтитрами и затем отвечают на вопросы ).

Now I offer you to watch this video again without subtitles and concentrate on the main question: Will Perry be famous or not? And when can it happen? Try to be a career adviser for him, analyze his abilities and experience and give your recommendations about his future career, if he is born to be an actor or not. (учащиеся смотрят видео второй раз без субтитров и высказывают свои рекомендации о профессии Перри).

By the way, when watching this video I recollected about one meeting of our President V. V. Putin with young scientists. One of them asked Mr. Putin questions: How to become successful in life? What professions can help to be a success? And V. Putin answered that if you want to be a success you can choose any job you like but you must become a professional in your job, a highly qualified expert. So what is the moral of these words, the moral of our lesson? (учащиесяформулируютвывод).

Yes, you are right. The moral is: if you want to be famous and make a fortune you must choose a profession according to your character and work hard all your life.

7. Заключительный этап урока.

а) заключительное слово учителя

T.: Thank you for your work at our lesson today. I can advise you to analyze and understand your interests, to develop your abilities and to choose a profession which will make you happy.

Выставление оценок и объявление домашнего задания: сделать проект-презентацию или написать сочинение: “Моя будущая профессия ”

T.: The lesson is over. Thank you. Good bye.

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